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SOLYMPICS'18 (April)

Solympics'18 (Summer Edition) was held on 14th of April, 2018 at CNMS Ground Vile Parle.

It would normally have been just another scorching April afternoon- packed with lectures and burned out students, desperate for a break that a Saturday should normally have afforded them. CNMS, however, had come alive. Thriving with the spirit of our Solympians and their fervor, the zeal that the venue abounded with was not to be missed.

The venue was in shades of blue (1st years), yellow (2nd years), red (3rd years), white (4th years), black (5th years). Students in formals, who came directly from scheduled lectures and interviews could not keep themselves from participating and cheering for their peers.

Solympics'18 witnessed an addition to its events. While Football, Basketball, Box Cricket and Relay have been the classic hits amongst the students, Tug of War proved to be the greatest of all as the court was roaring with chants, cheers and claps for our mighty participants who probably moved the ground because of their gripping feat

“Winning is only half of it, Having fun is the other half”

Everybody had their half of fun, but only some got their half of winning. Here’s a list of the winners.


Winners - 2nd Year BBA
Runner up - 1st Year BBA
Best Player Male – Samanyu Kumar


Winners - 4th Year BBA
Runner up - 2nd Year BA
Best Player Male – Abhigya Verma


Winners - 2nd Year BBA
Runner Up - 4th Year BBA
Best Player Male – Chintan Gandhi
Best Player Female – Deshna Golecha

Tug of War

Winner - 3rd Year BBA
Runner Up - 1st Year BBA
Best Player Male – Nishal Makharia
Best Player Female – Devika Ashar
Special Mentions – Teja Vardhan Bikkasani


Winner - 4th Year BA
Runner Up - 1st Year BBA
Best Athlete Male – Mihir Mehra
Best Athlete Female – Pranjali Kulkarni

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