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Student testimonials - Internship

Ankita Rath

I worked at Wadia Gandhy on February'16 for a period of 4 weeks. I was in the Banking and Finance. During my tenure at the esteemed firm, I was assigned various research work and drafting of legal documents. Every associate was friendly enough to personally mentor the intern to the best of their ability, which surely did enrich my experience as an intern. It was a great learning experience as I got optimum opportunity to explore all possible avenues in the Corporate side of the firm during my tenure. Working at Wadia Gandhy truly was a delight.

Palak Behl

I primarily worked with the competition team and the litigation team but got work from other departments as well. At Luthra & Luthra Law office, interns are responsible and accountable for their own work. Best part of this internship is that it gives you a very good insight of practical application of law.

Garima Agarwal

My internship experience at Khaitan& Co., Mumbai was a great start into real estate law diligence, making title report and drafting agreements. The associates are friendly and approachable. This internship has been a valuable resource and real world experience.

Isha Singh

As an intern at Condon & Forsyth, New York, every day was a day for learning something new. From observing matters at different Federal and State Courts in New York City, to attending depositions, witnessing Court conferences, participating in in-house office seminars and researching on topics relating to the no-fault liability of airlines' under various international conventions and various aspects of American law, it was a truly exuberant and knowledgeable internship experience.

Ritika Saluja

Working at ALMT has been a very enriching experience. I had the opportunity of getting involved in many high profile cases and participating in numerous arbitration proceedings. ALMT had a vast variety of areas I could choose to work in and what really made my experience noteworthy was the encouragement and support I received from the partners and my peers in choosing my niche. I was promoted to the position of a paralegal within the first month of the internship, but it was really the work culture and the environment that imbibed me with the confidence of taking on that role and in developing within me a strong work ethic.

Mahi Mehta

Hemant Sahai & Associates is a leading firm in Energy and project laws. The firm has a very positive work environment and the team has a supportive and friendly approach towards the Interns. The kind of work given to the interns is research and drafting based with practical exposure, which includes attending and participating in client meetings, arbitrations etc.

The work at HSA is perfectly balanced and pushes you to do the allocated work effectively. Overall, It was a great learning experience.

Suman Prahraj

During my internship duration under Mahindra & Mahindra, Corporate Legal Department, I was asked to research on various fields of law including foreign laws such as vehicle recalls provisions in France etc. Regular seminars were conducted for employees and interns which were extremely helpful one of them being Baker McKenzie’s session on Corporate Compliance. The work culture is good and gives a great platform to explore.

Meghna Sharma

Interning in the Supreme Court of India has been one of the best experiences of my academic and pre-professional career. This internship has taught me more than just law, it gave me an exposure to the real side of litigation.

The entire staff was incredibly helpful, the work was interesting and the opportunities for networking, learning about the field of law and gaining exposure to public interest law were unparalleled. The internship also taught me a great deal of professional ethics.

The high point of my internship was attending the famous NJAC matter and hearing all the brilliant minds of the field argue the matter in the Court. Even if you are unsure of what kind of law you want to practice or whether you want to be involved in public litigation, interning in the Supreme Court is something a law student must experience.

Rishab Dhanuka

I started my internship with Little and Company because it was one of the oldest and reputed firms in India. Having heard the quality of work for interns, I wasn't disappointed with my 2 tenure of internships there. I worked under Mrs. Roshnek Dhalla who is the corporate law partner. The work environment was very friendly and everyone was approachable. The plus point was you could take work from anyone if you were idle. Hence I could grasp experience in diverse fields such as property law, corporate law, baking and finance and IPR. The experience at Little and Company helped me develop my base and work ethics and professionalism.

Suyash Jain

It's a good feeling and a great learning when the managing partner of a law firm himself grooms you and discusses matters with you almost everyday, IC Legal is one such law firms.

I was actively involved in strategizing in a huge litigation pertaining to property admeasuring more than a thousand acres concerning the question whether land formed the part of “Private Forest” within the purview of Maharashtra Private Forest Act, 1975.

The firm has an informal and friendly environment, which makes it more conducive to learning & knowing things, and interns are given recognition and full credits of the work done by them.

Vaybhavi Patel

Reliance General Insurance, Legal Department has given me the experience of a lifetime. From improving my drafting skills to how to work under extreme pressure, it has taught me a lot, moreover has helped me learn certain aspects of law, which I don't think I would've learnt or experienced anywhere else. Under the mentorship of Ms. Deepthy Menon, who taught and treated me not like an intern but as a student and personally explained and made me understand various concepts and aspects of law. If given an opportunity again, it would be a delight to work at RGICL again.

Nishita Banka

Internship at Mulla & Mulla Craigie Blunt & Caroe was a great learning experience. In order to explore my opportunities, I had interned with the firm in their litigation department. It was my first internship in litigation, as I always preferred non-litigation. On the very first day, the senior partner usually takes an interview to know your potential and assign work to you accordingly. I was lucky enough to have got a good mentor who not only assigned work but also made sure that I learn during the course of work.

Also, the partners and associates are always willing to help and guide the interns and thus the work culture is very student-friendly. Thus, my overall experience at this firm was excellent wherein the solicitors actually take the effort to teach the interns and also make sure that they render quality work in return for the same.

Vaibhav Kulkarni

Tuli & Co is one of the best law firms to learn Insurance Law. The arsenal of knowledge in the form of resources that they posses introduced me to many new concepts in Insurance Law. They had access to around 20 databases available for legal professionals globally, which was one the best things for research and learning. The main tasks at the firm entailed researching extensively on various clauses in an insurance contract and drafting of certain agreements. The seniors in the firm are extremely encouraging and are source of inspiration to work hard.

Arshia Saraf

My internship at Bharucha & Partners involved work concerning general corporate matters, particularly relating to Company Law, Labour Law, Securities Laws, etc. The work delegated to short term interns will not involve anything beyond research work, however as a longer term, you may be entrusted with some substantial work. The work at B&P constantly challenges your capabilities and pushes you to do the allocated work efficiently. The work environment at B&P is perfectly balanced as you are made to strive for perfection without over-burdening yourself. Work done efficiently and satisfactorily is well acknowledged. Overall, it was a good learning opportunity.

Abhilipsa Panda

I worked with Hon'ble Justice Indrajit Mohanty of Odisha High Court. It was an enriching experience both academically and professionally. He used to discuss every matter going on the Court with me for almost an hour everyday and wanted my opinion and reasons for the same.

It was a very different experience sitting on the high-rise area of the High Court with the judge.

I got to experience a lawyer's strike as well which led to an in-depth discussion of Ex Captain Harish case with 4 Judges of the High Court.

I really look forward to work with him again sometime.

Aayesh Gandhi

Internship at chambers of Hon’ble Justice P.P. Bhatt, Gujarat High Court, was an enriching experience. The judge was assigned to adjudicate bail matters. The court used to start at 11 a.m. and used to end at 11 p.m., as Diwali vacation were near, a lot of applications were pouring in.

I was given the opportunity to draft a judgment of a high profile case involving 2500 crore betting scam. It was challenging though proved to be a rich learning experience. Also, I was assigned to check each and every order and make necessary corrections. The Internship proved to be beneficial as it helped to understand Judge's perspective of research and thought process with respect to a matter to be adjudged.

Mohak Rana

I interned in the month of February at the office of Additional Solicitor General, Supreme Court, Mr. P. S. Narashimha. The experience at sir's office was great. While we used to focus on the work, sir also made sure that we get some time for recreational activities like playing badminton etc. The team is very intern friendly.

Raina Verma

The working environment at Nishit Desai Associates is quite conducive and you get to learn a lot. They have different departments tax, general corporate and securities market, dispute resolution being the main areas in which the firm operates. It is a research based law firm and they believe in the concept of law school after law school, so the day at NDA starts with a Continuous Education (CE) session in which all offices of NDA in India take part in the discussion that takes place on a complex matter in hand or a recent legislation and amendments. The tasks at NDA included research on recent developments in law for updating their hotline, research on matter of International Taxation, Foreign Trade Policy, FEMA, and SEBI Regulations etc. They encourage that interns should always have work at hand and if they are free they can approach the team of their interest area by sending emails.

Raghav Bhatia

I had the opportunity of completing two internship programs at J. Sagar Associates. The firm has a very positive work environment with an extremely supportive team of associates and partners. The firm offers a varied exposure with abundant work across different teams working in specific fields of law. Both my stints at the firm were enriching for me as a young law student with an experience through various on-going matters as well as extensive legal research.

Vedant Jalan

My internship at AZB lasted for 6 weeks. During this time I got to work on a lot of matters ranging from General Corporate to Project Finance to Property. The work culture at AZB is extremely good and all the associates are quite helpful. The best part about AZB is there is no team structure so an intern is effectively able to take all kinds of work and thus get maximum experience during their internship.

Sagar Srivastava

Working at DSK Legal was a remarkable experience. The kind of work given to the interns would improve the credentials of the intern. The interns had the freedom to work with any team at the firm and were not restricted to a specific team. This helped me choose the team I wanted to work for and eventually aided in deciding the appropriate field of Law for my legal career. Everyone at the firm, from junior associates to the partners were very approachable, which builds a lot of confidence and helps the interns learn corporate etiquettes. In my experience, the internship was a turning point in my career as it helped me recognize my career path.

Sakshi Kansal

I interned with Crawford Bayley & Co. and it was the best learning experience. From research to drafting I learnt every possible aspect of Maritime Law. The partner himself was more than willing to teach me every possible aspect in such a short span and appreciation from him acted as a cherry on the cake. Not only work but also the mannerism and professionalism you learn during your internship stays with you forever. Only lesson from firm was if you are willing to give your 100% then only firm would be interested in teaching you or else you can veil your time for a month and leave. Overall a wonderful working experience.

Smiti Singrodia

One of the most memorable internship experiences I have had was while interning in the chambers of Hon'ble Justice Revati Mohite Dere.

The work usually involved attending court proceedings and researching on various cases, which come before the bench.

Justice Dere was very approachable and responsive and at the end of the day we usually had discussions of the court proceedings of the day.

Interning under a High Court Judge is as prestigious as it sounds and Justice Dere made the experience of doing so even better. As brutal as she might be in the courtroom, if I would want a mentor in my life, it would be someone like Justice Dere.

Mansi Jain

I interned at Wadia Gandhy & Co. in the field of General Corporate and Banking. It was a great experience. The partners in the firm were approachable and interactive. The work environment was very intern-friendly. The associates in the firm were helpful and would guide me through the research. My key work included research and drafting.

Nupur Jain

I Interned at AALCO (Asian African Legal Consultative Organisation), Delhi wherein the main task assigned was research on various International laws affecting the international legal community, also assisted in preparing various documents for the Seminars that were held. It had a different work culture, where interns were highly motivated to come forward in all the activities. Also, working with people belonging to different countries was totally a new and good learning experience.

Vidhi Maniar

If I have to describe my internship experience at Trilegal in one word I would say "wonderful". The work environment is exceptional. I was mainly assigned research work under the General Corporate Team. The associates were very helpful and patient, they would take time to explain you things and what they expect out of you. I was assigned to a really amicable mentor who guided me throughout my internship. I had to submit a research paper in my first week and give a presentation in front of my team in my last week. I often worked till late but the environment was so enthusiastic that I never minded staying till late. The associates treated interns with respect and refused me to address them as "ma'am or sir". It was an overall great experience.

Shrey Bheda

During my tenure at Vasavada and Rao, I was introduced to various aspects of the Real Estate Sector. The firm has two partners, both of whom delegated a lot of responsibilities to me. They were very approachable and tremendously helped me to meet my expectations from the internship. The associates were very helpful and accommodating too. All things considered the internship was very enriching and has considerably supplemented me in achieving my objective.

Aishwarya Bhatt

Internship at the chambers of Mr. Salman Khurshid (Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India) certainly bestowed you with an opportunity to become a toast while enjoying the panache of aristocracy, which is more than just traditional, and arduous file reading work only.

Yash Vijayvergiya

During my internship at Desai Desai Carimjee Mulla I researched and assisted in various arbitration matters and summary suits, administrative suits, testamentary suits, Caveat Form of the rules, Leave and License agreement, providing notices to other parties, making written statements and filing application for the registration of trademark and etc.

Regardless which year you belong to and what all subjects you have been taught, you’ll be made to study, understand and then research on that topic.

Work environment, people are very comforting and absolutely friendly people. Everybody from the intern’s head to the HR to the different associates I worked with or I worked for were truly amazing hardworking people who give you positive energy to work for more hours and get satisfied with your work.

Karan Kapoor

Great work, helpful people and an excellent work environment, these words best describe Krishna and Saurastri. The firm exclusively deals with IPR related matters, and an intern can get work based on various statutes of IPR and even beyond that. I as an intern got extensive research work on diverse topics, and made detailed reports on the said research for formulation of client notes or meetings. Above and beyond this, there is a constant work flow for drafting from the associates. The work environment is relaxed and professional. Punctuality and adhering to deadlines is appreciated at the firm.


As an Intern at Shardul Amarchand (Litigation team), my work experience was varied. I got to work on high profile matters and was always occupied, but they at times tend to expect too much from you as an Intern. Interaction with associates is quiet good, but absolutely no interaction with partner. Whenever they allot you a job, they’ll brief you about the entire background and case history so that you know what you are contributing to. Overall, a good learning experience.

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